Warning setup process not completed

When opening org credentials or any other record in Copado you might see the message below in the screen:

"Warning SETUP PROCESS NOT COMPLETED ACTION REQUIRED: You have not completed setup process to use Copado fully. Please click the below link and follow the instructions carefully."
User-added image

This error will be displayed for a User A in the following situations.

1. User A doesn't own org credentials for the org where Copado is installed.
2. User A owns org credentials for the org where Copado is installed but the org credential is not validated.
3. User A owns and has validated more than 1 org credential for the org where Copado is installed. (Duplicate org credentials)
4. User A creates and validates an org credential for himself. Later on, same User A creates org credential for User B, clicks on button Authenticate and User B enter login details. (Duplicate org credentials).

The solution for #1 and #2 is to Create and Validate org credential with your user for the org where Copado is installed.
The solution for #3 and 4# is the following: Remove the duplicate org credential and keep the original created for your user. You need to make sure that you only own one org credential for production and it's validated by you. Other users must create and validate their own org credentials for production. Make sure the record is not in the recycle bin.

Warning: If the org credentials that you are going to remove are currently being used, you will need to update the records with the new org credentials as soon as they are created.
Once they are deleted, check the field SFDC Org ID for the original org credential for production. There shouldn't be any "_number" at the end. If you can see an "_number" at the end, we need to remove it. Open the developer console. Enter the query below: Select Id, copado__SFDC_Org_ID__c FROM copado__Org__c WHERE Id='enter here org credential id here' You can see the field SFDC Org ID, edit the field and remove the "_number" and save it.

Check the org credential record again. If you can see the warning message, validate the org credential again without creating a new org credential, just validate that one. The error message should be gone.

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