Commit Full Profiles and Permission Sets

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With Copado you have the ability to commit full profiles and permission sets from one source org into Git. This is specially useful when the profile or the permission set has to reconcile the existing permissions in Git with the latest changes in Salesforce.

Instead of having to commit all the related objects (as retrieve only) along with the profile or the permission set, Copado makes it simpler with this improved functionality.

When the Full Profiles & Permission Sets operation is selected, the metadata grid appears with the list of profiles and permission sets. When committing profiles and permission sets using this operation, the complete XML file is committed. This means that the committed files contain all the existing references to other components (e.g. object permissions, field permissions, page accesses, class accesses, layout assignments, record type assignments, etc.).

This feature is particularly useful for new profiles, were the standard commit of a profile does not retrieve its relationship with other components, and for existing profiles or the permission set, in order to reconcile the current permissions in Git with the latest changes in Salesforce

You can commit full profiles and permission sets using 2 different methods.

  1. You can select the Full Profiles & Permission Sets option from the Git Operation field within the commit page.
If the permission set/profile is new and the Full Profiles & Permission Sets option is not selected, the item will not be committed as full permission set/profile.

  1. In older versions of Copado, you can add a predefined text (@fullprofilespermissionsets) as a comment in the commit:

Important Considerations

  • The Full Profiles & Permission Sets feature does not follow the standard behavior of the metadata API during the retrieve of system permissions. Unlike the regular profile or permission set commits, the turned off system permissions will be committed in the XML with the tag enabled as false.
  • As of Copado v12, during a Git-based Full Profiles & Permission Sets deployment, the promotion branch will be automatically cleaned by removing any components that do not exist in the destination environment to guarantee a successful deployment. Once the deployment has been completed, all the removed permissions will be listed in the deployment results.

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