Server side enhancements

Updated 1 year ago by Iván Minaya

Copado's Git client now supports more nested components on the "Commit files" functionality. As from 19-September-2016, you will be able to commit individual components of the following nested types without committing the entire container file. These correspond to: Workflow, CustomLabels, Assignment Rules and AutoResponseRules parent types.

  • WorkflowRule
  • WorkflowAction
  • WorkflowFieldUpdate
  • WorkflowTask
  • WorkflowAlert
  • WorkflowOutboundMessage
  • WorkflowKnowledgePublish
  • CustomLabel
  • AssignmentRule
  • AutoResponseRule

This is added on top of the already supported nested components from the CustomObject parent type:

  • ActionOverride
  • BusinessProcess
  • CompactLayout
  • CustomField
  • FieldSet
  • HistoryRetentionPolicy
  • ListView
  • RecordType
  • SearchLayouts
  • SharingReason
  • SharingRecalculation
  • ValidationRule
  • WebLink

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