Unable to use OAuth when validating Org Credential due to a network issue

When creating an Org Credential, even when valid credentials are used, sometimes Copado doesn't validate the OAuth athentication. This could happen if Session IP restrictions are in place.

Please go to Settings, Session Settings and make sure that the option "Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated" is not selected.

Why Copado requires this?

When Using OAuth Authentication to connect an Org, the login is done on the user's browser (using user computer's IP Address) and then it passes the session ID to the connecting service (Copado). The connecting service will use the session Id to connect to the salesforce Org, and since the IP Addresses are different, the connection will be dropped. This restriction will break in theory any OAuth authentication flow, is not Copado specific.

If you have IP range restrictions at the Org level, make sure you add the IP Addresses mentioned in the article below:


Bear in mind that if your user has IP range restrictions at the Profile level, you will need to add these addresses also to your Profile.

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