When working with Copado you might start getting a pop up with the message below:

"There was an error accessing PushTopic. This is usually caused by a missing permission. Please contact your administrator requesting it. Original error was: REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED: TotalRequest Limit exceeded"

This error has nothing to do with the Push Topic permissions.

The error is caused because you have reach the API Calls limit in your organization. You can check the number of API Calls you have used in the last hours going to Setup | System Overview.
There is a report called "API Usage Last 7 Days" that can be used to get information on who was the user that used the most number of API calls. This could give you some information on how the API Call were consumed.


1. Wait until you have API Calls available. 
2. Contact Salesforce Support to get a temporary increase of the API calls.

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