Process Builder Integration

Updated a month ago ​by Iván Minaya

With Copado Global API, Webhooks are available for Salesforce Process Builder.In order to achieve this, bear in mind the following considerations:

  • Integration its done from an Apex action on Process Builder.
  • You can provide the payload as a String Parameter to the action step.
  • Callout will be an async process.
  • Webhook must contain the record Id and user API Key as any other complete Webhook (more Webhook API Documentation).

How to invoke Webhook API:

  • From a Process Builder with your own criteria add an Immediate action, Apex Action.
  • Give a name to the action and Set "Invoke Copado Webhook" on Apex Class.
  • Set method parameter as "GET".
  • Fill Webhook parameter with your own valid Webhook URL.

You can check the status of the job from Setup > Apex Jobs

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