How to give access to Copado to non System Administrator or new users.

During the installation of Copado, you can chose to install the App for All Users or System Administrators only. If you select All Users, all profiles will get access to the Fields, Apps, Visualforce Pages and Apex Class in the package. If you install only for System Administrators, only System Administrator profiles will get access to the components mentioned before.

You might have installed Copado for System Administrators only and now, a non System Administrator must use the App. In this case you need to make sure the user gets access to the necessary components.

Please use the list below to make sure you do not miss anything when setting up non system administrator users or new users in general.

1. Make sure the user has a package license assigned under Installed Packages | Copado Deployer
2. Assign the Copado User permission set to provide access to all Fields, Visualforce Pages and Apex Class in the package.
3. Copado User permission set doesn't provide access to the Copado Apps. You need to grant access using Permission Sets or directly in the Profile of the user.
4. The user must have Read, Create and Edit permission in the standard Salesforce object "Push Topics". Grant these permissions directly in the Profile or via Permission Sets
5. Assign the right license under the License Manager tab.

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