Sandbox Refresh

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You need to perform the following steps whenever a sandbox is refreshed:

  1. Get the new Org Id of the refreshed sandbox. Go to Setup -> Company Information -> Organization Id field.
  2. Open the Environment record.
    • Add the new Org Id.
    • Notify the owners of these Org Credentials so that they "Set OAuth Authentication" in each of them, since the previous OAuth token is no longer valid.

Branch Management - Steps for Refreshed Sanboxes

  1. Go to your Git Repository service 
    • Create a new branch out of the branch that is linked to the sandbox. This branch will be a backup to review any commit history in the future. It is recommended to add the current date in the name of the backup branch.
    • Delete the branch linked to the sandbox.
    • Create a new branch out of master and name it with the same name as the branch deleted in the previous step.
  2. Go to your Deployment Flow. Click "Manage Branches" and then click "Recalculate".
    • If the other branches, linked to the branch of the refreshed sandbox, have new changes, the Branch Management application will show you the differences and will perform a validation deployment so that you can sync the new changes into the refreshed sandbox

If one of the middle Sandboxes (Integration, Testing, etc.) is refreshed and there are pending user stories in this Sandbox.

  1. Open the latest promotion record of the user story.
  2. Redeploy the promotion into the refreshed Sandbox. 
  3. In the Branch Management application, Copado will detect the new changes in the Integration branch. You will be able to Sync the changes to the lower environments if the branches of the lower environments do not have these changes yet.

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