Version 4 - Release Notes

Updated 1 month ago by Copado Solutions

  • Introducing Copado Branch Management application
  • Introducing Metadata indexing against User Stories and Overlap awareness functionality

Upgrade instructions

Edit Deployment Flow layout
  • add git repository
  • add main branch
  • add button "manage branches"
Edit Environment layout
  • add Branch Management Permissions related list.
Edit Project layout
  • add Index Metadata
Edit User Story layout
  • add related list: User Story Metadata (including Metadata API Name and Status fields) new button is not necessary.
Schedule job: IndexMetadataJob
  • Go to Setup, Apex Classes, Schedule Apex, choose class IndexMetadataJob, and your desired frequency
New Object and fields, make sure OLS and FLS are properly set for the following components.
  • New Custom Field: Project -> Index_Metadata
  • New Custom Field: Deployment Flow -> Git repository
  • New Custom Field: Deployment Flow -> Main branch
  • New Custom Field: Deployment Flow Step -> branch
  • New Custom Object: Branch Management Permissions

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