Git Snapshots backups don't run if a user is deactivated.

It might happen that the Git Snapshots backups stop running if a specific user is deactivated in the org. If the user is activated again, the Git Snapshot backups start running again at the frequency they have been scheduled. In order to avoid this issue, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into the org where Copado is installed and go to the Scheduled Jobs section in Setup. 
2. There should be a Job Name called Copado submitted by the user that is being deactivated. 
3. Delete that Job. 
4. Log out from your user and log in with a user that is not going to be deactivated. This is the user that is going to submit again the Copado job. This user must have a Copado license assigned under the License Manager tab. 
5. Open an org Credential or a or a Git Snapshot record that has Test Frequency set to something different that None. 
6. Click Edit in the record and Save it without making any change. 
7. Go back to the Scheduled Jobs page. The Copado job should be there but this time submitted by that new user. 

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