How to Commit Changes

Updated 2 months ago by Copado Solutions

After reviewing and executing the required changes in the source org (please see Commit Changes Overview for more information), you need to link them to the user story.

  1. From the related User Story record, click on Commit Changes:

  1. You will be redirected to the Commit Changes page. The Commit Changes page uses the Git Snapshot record related to the user story source environment to perform the Git operations:
By default, the user story feature branch is created out of master, however, you can go to the Advanced section and select a different base branch that will be used to create the feature branch.
  1. Select the components you want to commit and click on Commit Changes.
The metadata grid has two checkboxes: Selected and Retrieve Only. Components marked as Retrieve Only will not be committed or deployed.
Make sure you are committing changes using the correct org credential. If your changes were performed in your development environment, the credential must correspond to the same environment.

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