Org Differences

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This feature performs a comparison between two Salesforce Orgs and returns the Metadata differences between the two. The differences can be filtered by date range, User and Type of difference (creations, updates and deletions). These Org differences can then optionally be deployed to help maintain consistency between various sandboxes and/or the production environment. The selection of Source and Destination Orgs is not limited to connected Salesforce instances (Production-Sandbox or Sandboxes for the same Organisation).

How are the differences calculated?

The org difference is a directional comparison. A list of metadata is retrieved for the two orgs, and where the last modified date is greater in the source environment, the component will be flagged as an update. Note that this will only be shown as an update if the last modified date is greater in the source environment. If the last modified date is greater in the destination environment, no 'updated' flag will be shown.

Creating an Org Difference

Click on the “Org Differences” tab and press the “New” button.

The below screenshot will appear. Fill in the data as required and press, “Save”.

Once the “Save” button is pressed Copado will perform a full Metadata describe of your Source and Destination Org. Whilst this is loading it is important that you do not leave the page. Once completed the Org Differences will appear in the grid (example shown below).

Deploying Org Differences

Use the checkboxes, “Include create”, “Include update” and “Include delete” to select which deployment actions should be added when you create your deployment.

Pressing the “Create Deployment” button will add the selected inclusions into a Deployment and redirect you to the page. You will have the ability to review your list of deployment items in Step 2 of the Deployment Wizard.

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