Agile Dashboards

Updated 10 months ago by Copado Solutions

As of v12, Copado incorporates three out-of-the-box dashboards to better monitor your Agile activity with Copado.

Sprint Wall Dashboard

Take a look at the current status of your sprint. The Sprint Dashboard will let you have useful information about the current progress of the sprint, the total story points, the team’s velocity, the pending work and the user story statuses.

Sprint Quality Gates Dashboard

Control that all your quality gates are covered. The Quality Gates dashboard will display some data related to your User Stories’ Quality Gates such as the average code coverage of the user stories included within a sprint, the number of test runs, the pending ones, and the pending pull requests. This way, your team will be aware of, not only how the sprint is going (thanks to the Sprint Dashboard) but also if there is any quality gate pending to be completed.

Release Dashboard

Monitor the activity of your release. The Release dashboard gathers information about the status of your release, such as the total user stories and points completed for the release, each sprint’s velocity, and insights about the user stories.

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