Could not retrieve Org's Metadata.

You might receive an email with the message below every time a Git Snapshot backup that is scheduled is executed.

"A task could not be run on Copado. Please carefully review the below information as an action may be required from your end in order to enable the Copado task to complete successfully.
Details: Unexpected Error while taking a Snapshot. Id: XXXXXXXXXXXXX. Message: Could not retrieve Org's Metadata. "

If you access to the affected Git Snapshot where the backup is being performed and you run the backup manually, it will work but, when the backup runs automatically, the email above is received. If that happens, please go to Setup | Scheduled Jobs and check the user who submitted the job called Copado.

Once you have identified the user, check if that user has a Copado Deployer license assigned under Setup | Installed Packages | Copado Deployer.

If the user doesn't have a license, you have 2 options.

a) Assign a license.
b) Change the user submitting the Copado job following the steps below:

1. Remove the Job Name "Copado" from the Scheduled Apex page.
2. Log in with a user that has a Copado license assigned.
3. Open an org Credential record that has Test Frequency set to something different that None.
4. Click Edit in the record and Save it without changing anything.
5. Go back to the Scheduled Jobs page.
6. The Copado job should be there but this time submitted by the user that has the Copado license assigned.

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