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As of Copado v10, a new tab is available within the Copado Change Management application which will allow your teams to work in a more agile way through a powerful items management tool. If you are not still agile in your company, in the Agile Tools section you will find more information about these methodologies, backlog, backburner, sprints and how to implement them within your development processes. 

Work Manager is basically an area where you will be able to create as many panels as you wish, save them and have all the information related to your teams' work at hand.


Each panel has a search box to easily filter the user stories listed inside that panel.

By default, the Backlog, Backlog Burner, Current Sprint and Next Sprint panels are displayed. Thanks to the Status and Sprint fields, you will be able to determine on which panel your user stories will be displayed. If you do not see these panels by default, the reason is most likely that current and next sprints do not exist yet.

Each of these panels will display the following information:

  • The Backlog panel will show you all the user stories pending to be included in a sprint for its implementation, therefore these user stories are those that have neither been assigned to a sprint nor as Backburner. It means that the Sprint field is empty and the Status is not Backburner, Cancelled or Rejected
  • The Backburner panel will show you all the user stories that are ready for kick-off (these user stories are completely defined and ready to be included in the next or current sprint). This panel contains all the user stories that have not been included in a sprint and whose status is Backburner
  • Current Sprint panel: Copado will detect if you are part of a team and if that team has at least one sprint in progress. In a sprint is found, it will be displayed on this panel. If you are part of more than one sprint, you can add new panels easily (see the next sections). If you are not part of any team, one of the current sprints will be displayed. 
  •  Next Sprint panel: The same criteria will be applied for the current and next sprints, only the dates will be different.

Adding new fields to panels is possible thanks to a fields menu available in each Work Manager panel. Just select them from the drop-down menu and they will be displayed on that panel.

As of v11, there is a search box available within each panel to make searching elements inside the panels easier:

Backlog Ranks

When moving user stories from one panel to another, they will not remain in the position where you drop them, as each panel is ordered by user story reference. They will be also ordered following this criterion. 

In the case of Backlog and Backburner panels, this order works differently because these panels have a rank field in order to be able to prioritize items moving them to the top of these lists or to any particular position. In Agile methodologies, position in these panels equals priority, therefore Copado will allow you to prioritize user stories just moving them to an upper position.

Creating New Panels

In the top right corner of your Work Manager, you will find the following fields: 

This will allow you to add new panels to your Work Manager filtering your user stories by the following fields:


This list can be customized by using the Field Set in user story: Work Manager Relations.

To add Backlog or Backburner panels, select Status=Backlog/Backburner value and then click on Add Panel

Saving Your Panels' Configuration

In the top left corner of your Work Manager, a New button will allow you to create new panels' configuration, therefore you will be able to have several dashboards with different panels.

This powerful feature will let you add as many panels as you wish, depending on the projects, sprints, statuses or any other combination of user stories that you may find useful. Having several panels will help you have your information more organized and visible. You will also be able to remove the configurations you are not interested in anymore.

Drag and Drop User Stories Between Panels

Work Manager allows you to drag and drop user stories from one panel to another easily, just by clicking on the 

button and dragging & dropping freely. A background task will update the corresponding fields when you move user stories from one panel to another. 

If you drag one user story or a multi-selection from a panel to another panel which filters by one field, that/those user story/ies will be changed in order to meet the criteria, e.g. you have a “Current Sprint” panel and you move some user stories from "Backburner" to "Current Sprint", these user stories will be modified and their sprint field will be set to "Current Sprint" value. 

It is important to notice what happens when you move user stories from/to backlog panels to/from sprints panels. 

  • When you move a user story to a Backlog panel, the sprint will be set to null and the status to Backlog value. 
  •  When you move a user story to a Backburner panel, the sprint will be set to null and the status to Backburner value. 
  • When you move a user story from any panel to a Sprint panel, the Sprint field will be updated. The status will remain unchanged. 

Also keep in mind that you can move user stories from one position to another position within the same panel. This rank will be stored for Backlog and Backburner panels.

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