Change Management Entities

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A project is a proposed or planned undertaking of changes that are to be made in Salesforce.


A sprint (or iteration) is the basic unit of development in Scrum. The sprint is a time-boxed effort, which means that it is restricted to a specific duration. The duration is fixed in advance for each sprint and is normally between one week and one month, although two weeks is typical.

User Stories

A user story is one or more sentences in the everyday language of the end user or user of a system that captures what a user does or needs to do as part of their job function. User stories allow Salesforce to change the requirements to be added and linked to the new/changed metadata components that will later be deployed.


An epic is large user story that awaits decomposition into smaller stories prior to implementation. Epics are typically stories that are far off on the development horizon, usually lower priority items. When an epic story works is way up the backlog, it is usually decomposed into smaller stories.

Test Script

A test script is a list of predefined steps that a you need to follow in order to test the specifications of a system.

Test Runs

A test run is the execution of a test script in a chosen environment by a particular user.

Deployment Flows

A deployment flow is a unidirectional flow for which metadata should be migrated. For example a deployment flow might specify that deployments must pass from a Dev sandbox > Staging Sandbox > UAT Sandbox before finally moving to Production. A deployment flow connection (the flow between two Salesforce environments) can only have 1 destination environment, but multiple source environments. E.g. Dev 1 Sandbox and Dev 2 Sandbox may both have 'Staging Sandbox' set as their destination environment. A flow must have 1 source environment and one destination environment. If one side of the connection is removed, the flow connection is deleted.


As user stories are worked on, metadata may be added to the user story. Once a user story is ready for deployment, the user story can be flagged as, Ready for Promotion. This means that the user story may be deployed from one environment to the next one, as defined by the project’s deployment flow. A promotion is therefore a deployment of multiple user stories from one environment to another, following a designated deployment flow.

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