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Process Builder Flows

Previously, the deployment of inactive Flows was fully supported by Copado.
As from Copado v7, you will be able to deploy a Flow that is active in the Source Org, and the Flow will be activated automatically in the Destination Org.

How does it work?

  • Select the Active Flow version (in the metadata grid, it is shown without the version number).
  • Include in the same selection the FlowDefinition.
  • As confirmation, when a Process Builder Flow deployment is successfull, you will find the following warning in the View Results link:  [FlowDefinition Flow_Deployment_Test] Flow Definition will be used to Activate the Flow. 

Active Flows are now supported all over Copado. You can:

  • Deploy an active Flow
  • Commit an active Flow from a Git Snapshot
  • Commit an active Flow from a User Story
  • Deploy a commit (or User Story commit) that contains an active Flow
  • Sync an active Flow using Branch Management

If you are ignoring Flow Definitions in your repository, don't forget to delete the Flow Definitions from your .gitignore file.