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2017-09-04  Copado Backend Upgrade

  • Backend now runs on Metadata API v40

2017-06-22  Copado Backend Upgrade

  • Performance improvement when doing CBM sync for large orgs with loads of rules here

2017-06-07 Announcing Copado Summer 2017 (v8.0)

  • This is major release, it contains loads of new functionality, more information here

2017-05-29 BETA Copado Backend Upgrade

  • Git promotions will deploy ONLY components that were selected on the user stories, with support to nested components, and standard tabs are now part of the Metadata cache. here

2017-04-08  Copado Backend Upgrade

  • Bug fixes and enhancements released, more information here

2017-04-04  Copado Summer 2017 (v7.1)

  • This is a major release, it contains loads of new functionality, more information here

2017-02-10  Copado Spring 2017 (v6.1)

  • This is a silent release, it contains same functionality as v6.0 but  without an unwanted Chatter dependency which was introduced in v6.0 and required Chatter enabled orgs upon installation. 

2017-02-03  Announcing Copado Spring 2017 (v6.0)

  • We are introducing Continuous Delivery (CD) for Copado Change Management (CCM). With a simple checkbox (Promote and Deploy) a User Story can be automatically promoted and deployed to the next Environment. More info here.
  • We are introducing Copado Permissioner (CP). Users now have the ability to define Personas and Persona Permissions, so that when assigning a Persona to a User, the User will get automatically the Permission Sets assignments permanently or for defined period of time.
  • The Copado application suite is now shipped with a variety of Permission Sets that will help customers to define their security model for Copado.
  • Default Org Credential for Promotions. Release managers won't have to own credentials to each environment if there is a Default one
  • And much more ...

2016-12-02  Announcing Copado Winter 2017 (v5.2)

  • Kanban boards for any Salesforce object
  • Promote a release instead of a project
  • New Email Template for Deployments listing all metadata components and result messages.
  • Introducing beta program for the Copado Backend API
  • Introducing Copado Release Calendar on our website
  • Checkout the release notes for full list of changes and upgrade instructions

2016-09-27  Announcing Copado Winter 2017 (v5.1)

  • Copado Selenium Testing is now GA
  • Checkout the release notes for full list of changes and upgrade instructions

2016-04-26  Announcing Copado Spring 2016 (v4.4)

  • New features and enhancements
  • Checkout the release notes for full list of changes and upgrade instructions

2016-03-30  Announcing Copado Spring 2016 (v4.3)

2016-03-17  Announcing Copado backend now runs on Metadata API v36

2016-03-15  Announcing Copado Spring 2016 (v4.2)

2016-02-29  Announcing Support for AWS CodeCommit Git repositories.

2016-02-12  Announcing Copado Winter 2016 (v4.0)

Copado Branch Management

2015-12-10 Announcing Copado Jenkins Plugin and Command Line Interface

2015-11-18 Announcing Copado version Fall 2015 v3.11 

  • New Step type: "URL Callout" to integrate with other systems, such as Selenium testing
  • Find and Replace capabilities for MetaData and Git MetaData steps. See full documentation (under URL Callout section)
This is how a deployment with URL Callouts could look like
This is how a Callout step looks like

URL Callout Demo

Find and Replace in files (available since Copado v3.11) for MetaData and Git MetaData steps allows users to find a specific text inside the Metadata files using a Regular Expression for matching, and replacing matching pieces with a given text. Use cases for this feature are countless, but to mention a few:

  • Deploy Outbound messages are now possible! by replacing the "Run as" username with the right username on the destination org. Find regex: user@server\.com\.dev Replace with:
  • Inactivate workflow rules: Find regex: <active>true</active> Replace with: <active>false</active>

Find and Replace feature

2015-10-28 Announcing new great features on the Copado's Heroku backend:

  • Org's cache auto-refresh. Every time an Org credential is validated and the cache is older than today cache will refreshed automatically. Every time a deployment is completed successfully, destination Org credential Cache will be automatically refreshed.
  • Compare full profiles/full permission sets between Orgs using the Snapshot Difference feature. Now when comparing 2 Salesforce Orgs, Profile and Permission Set metadata types are available for comparison.

No action needed on your end. This is already available.

2015-09-30 Announcing support for Test Level deploy options. When creating MetaData or Git MetaData step, or when creating a Promotion, you can now select the Test Level:

  • No Test Run (not apex test are run unless is a production deployment)
  • Run Specified Tests (only included apex test classes will run, aka Fast Deploy)
  • Run Local Tests (all apex test classes excluding managed packages)
  • Run All Tests In Org (all apex test classes including managed packages)
More information regarding Test Levels

2015-09-27 Announcing support for Fast Deploy. When deploying code to production, instead of being forced to run all apex test, if you included the test classes that provide at least 75% coverage of the code being deployed, Copado will automatically leverage on the brand new metadata api feature, fast-deploy. Test Level must be set to Run Specified Tests.

2015-09-24 Announcing more Deployment Options when promoting User Stories

2015-09-06 Announcing Copado Fall 2015 v3.10, here is a summary of the new features

YouTube Video

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