Github WebHook Setup Example

Open your Git Repository and click on the Settings tab (if you do not see the Settings, please comm touch with your admin). Then click on the "Webhooks" menu item and then click on the "Add Webhook" button.

Fill the following information on the webhook configuration page:
  1. Payload URL: The Pull Request Webhook URL with the base URL of the Org where Copado is installed and your API Key.
    1. e.g.
  2. Content Type: Select "application/json"
  3. Secret: Leave it empty
  4. Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?: Click on the "Let me select individual events" checkbox.
pullRequest config

Then select the Pull requestPull request review and Issue comment events (leave all other deselected). 
Webhook OptionsLeave the Active checkbox selected and then click "Add webhook".