Kanban vs Scrum

Both Scrum and Kanban are focused on productivity with quality and efficiency of the software development process. Also, both methodologies are useful and agile, so depending on the requirements of the development process both are adequate. Through Copado Change Management application, you will be able to manage your work items following Scrum or Kanban methodology.

The following table shows a comparison between both methodologies:

 Teams  Cross-functionals  Specialized teams are allowed. Cross-funtional optional.
 Roles  Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development Team  Development team + others if required.
 Ceremonies      Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-up, Review,  retrospective.  Daily scrum. Planning, Review and retrospective if needed.
 Iterations  Sprints.  No (continuous flow).
 Boards / Artifacts  Sprint Board, Backlog, Burn Down charts  Kanban Board
 Estimation  Yes  No (similar size)
 Releases  Regular cadence (i.e. every 3 sprints, every 5 sprints, etc).  Continuously or whenever a shippable product is created.
 Teamwork  Collaborative  As needed.
 Changes & new requirements  Added to the backlog for next sprint or later. No changes allowed within the sprint.  Changes can be made at any moment with agreement.
 Product Backlog  Prioritized and estimated items.  Priorization is optional.