All items to be implemented through a Kanban Methodology are displayed in a Kanban Board (physical or digital) allowing the whole team to know the state of all the work at any time, providing teams with the following features: 
  • Full visibility and transparency. 
  • Focus on continuous delivery. 
  • All the impediments are quickly visualized and resolved. 
  • Continuous improvement. 
The Kanban Board is a three-step workflow: To-Do, In Progress and Done, so that all the team is aware at any time of the pending, in progress and completed work. Every work item is clearly visualized and represented in the kanban board as a card, a Kanban card, where all the relevant information about the request is contained in it as well as the assigned person. 

Iterations in Kanban are based on Cycle time: time since the work on a request begins until it is ready for delivery. Lead time is what the customer sees, since he/she does the request until he/she receives the delivery. 

In Kanban is optional to have a Backlog with the list of items which will be moved to the “ToDo” column at any time. 

The Board Owner will take care of the backlog prioritization and responsible for having the most important work items at the top of it. This will allow the development team take the next work item from the top of the backlog as soon as he completes a work item. Since the product owner keeps the product backlog ordered, the maximum value items are always shipped first.

Through Work Manager tab within Copado Change Management you will be have your Kanban Backlog available and you will able to create panels in order to configure your ToDo, In Progress and Done panel(s) and move your work items from one panel to another quick and easily. You will find more information about Copado Work Manager here.

Or you can also use Copado Kanban Board and set it properly for your user stories statuses. You can find more information about Copado Kanban Boards here.